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PAT V 9100 RF Multi-Tap Board


PAT V 9100


The PAT V 9100 combines the "4-1" and PAT V boards. It been designed to accommodate up to four RF inputs from a single radio and provide a single RF output. This eliminates the need to install four separate RF boards in your rig. This is the case primarily with the IC-9100 but the PAT V 9100 can be used in any rig that has multiple RF circuits requiring multiple PAT boards such as the TS-2000 and IC-7700.

(Recommended SDR's:  SDRPlay RSP1A, RSP2 and RSP2 Pro)

Impedance:                       50 Ohms

Frequency Range:         .5MHz  – 1.5GHz 

Price:                                    $40

PAT V 9100 Connection Kit

Installation instructions are available for download below