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PAT Versions

There are different versions of the PAT board, named according to nominal frequency of the Low Pass Filter (LPF).  The following information should help you to decide which PAT version to request. The PAT V version has no LPF. New rigs are added to the list constantly. If your rig is not listed, please contact me as the board can be installed in almost any solid state rig.


Version                        Vcc                           LPF                              Rig List

PAT455K5            8-13.8v                455KHz                        - NRD525 (2nd IF)


PAT6M5                8-13.8v                    6MHz                         – Elecraft K1, K2


PAT12M5             8-13.8v                 12MHz                        – IC201/202,   IC821 (2nd IF), IC1271 (2nd IF),                                                                                                                    FT221/225, FT290,   FT920 (2nd IF), 

                                                                                                                   TS2k (2nd IF), TS700, TS790E (2nd IF),                                                                                                                    TS120/130/140/180, TenTec Orion,

                                                                                                                   IC9100 (VHF1st IF), Elecraft K3,

                                                                                                                   Cobra 200GTL, IC-R9000, TenTec Corsair II


PAT15M5            8-13.8v                  15MHz                         – FT736


PAT30M5            8-13.8v                  30MHz                         – Transverter Rx   output, 28-30MHz IF


PAT50M5            8-13.8v                  50MHz                        – FT757GX,  FT-767GX, FT840, FT847,                                                                                                                    FT990, FTdX1200,  FTdX3000,  FTdX9000,                                                                                                                    TS430S, TS440S, TS940, TenTecTT550,                                                                                                                    TenTec RX340, IC740, IC781, Lowe HF225,                                                                                                                    Drake R8B, Drake TR7, FTDX1000 (Sub  RX),                                                                                                                    TenTec Jupiter 538


PAT60M5             8-13.8v                 60MHz                         – Kenwood R5000


PAT70M5             8-13.8v                 70MHz                         – FT100, FT450, FT857, FT897, FT891,

                                                                                                                    FT920 (1st IF), FT950, FT991, FT991A,                                                                                                                     FT1000, FT1000MP, FT2000,  IC703, IC706,                                                                                                                     IC718, IC735/745/746/746PRO,  IC756,

                                                                                                                    IC756 Pro II and III, IC761,                                                                                                                     IC7200/7400/7600/7700/7800, IC7410,                                                                                                                     IC821, IC9100 (HF/50 1st IF), IC-R75,

                                                                                                                   Alinco DXSR8T,  NRD525, Ten Tec Omni VII,                                                                                                                    *FT817 (5V) 


PAT85M5              8-13.8v                85MHz                         – TS2k (HF 1st   IF), TS50S, TS450, TS480,                                                                                                                      TS570, TS850, IC9100 (UHF 1st IF), IC-R70


PAT150M5           8-13.8v              150MHz                        – IC1271 (1st   IF), IC7000, IC7100,                                                                                                                     Transverter Rx  output, 144-146MHz IF, 

                                                                                                                    TS2k (23cm 1st IF)


PAT250M5           8-13.8v               250MHz                       – IC9100 (23cm   1st IF)


PAT V                       8-13.8v                NONE                           – TS-590,   TenTec RX-340, Kenwood R-2000 &

(RF Tap)                                                                                                  R-5000, IC-7300, IC-R70, R75, IC-PCR2500                                                                                                                     and almost any  solid state receiver or                                                                                                                     transceiver.

PAT V 9100           8-13.8v                NONE                           -IC9100, IC7700                        

(Multiple RF Taps)

*The FT-817 requires the 5 volt version of the PAT70M5 board.



Links to Installation Instructions and Examples

If your rig isn’t listed, email me:          kd2c56@gmail.com


Rig                                       Original G4HUP Link                           External Links


FT450                                            FT450                                                Mostly Italian!        AA7VA YouTube


FT817                                            FT817                                                English


FT847                                            FT847


FT857                                                                                                           K4AX


FT897                                            FT897


FT920                                            FT920


FT950                                            FT950


FT991                                            FT991


FT1000                                         FT1000                                             K8AC                  VE3TMT


FTdx1200                                                                                                   AB4D


FTdx9000                                                                                                   AB4D


IC706 Mk2                                 IC706Mk2                                      M1BXF


IC718                                             IC718


IC7410                                                                                                         Cardoso


IC746                                             IC746


IC756 Pro III                              IC756 Pro III


TS440S                                         TS440S


TS450/690                                 TS450 & 690


TS850                                            TS850


TS2000                                         TS2000                                          TS2k HF/50 2Rx             TS2k HF 1st IF Tap

                                                                                                  http://g0mgx.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/23cm-tap-tap                                                                                                  -tap.html